Sky Shabatura

Web Developer / WordPress Craftsman

I am a web developer who is passionate about WordPress. I have over 8 years of experience in web design, development, maintenance, support and user training. I develop custom WordPress themes and plugins to provide functionality that meets the unique needs of the website and its users. I have experience setting up and managing WordPress Multisite environments that host hundreds of sites and thousands of users.

Previous Work

University of Arkansas

Campus WordPress networks

Year: 2015

The University of Arkansas offers WordPress sites to students, faculty and staff to use for for classes, lab projects, student groups, academic portfolios, department newsletters, and a host of other things. They needed a simple consistent web solution flexible enough to meet those needs while offering a high level of support and be managed by a small team.

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Lake Lucerne Resort

Cottage Rentals

Year: 2013

The Lake Lucerne Resort is a collection of rental cottages situated around a small lake in historic Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Their website serves as the main portal to reaching customers, but also provides information for upcoming and current guests.

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Peace at Home

Family Shelter

Year: 2011

The Peace at Home family shelter’s website needed to reach varying audiences. While the primary audience was women in potentially abusive situations seeking information about getting help, the site also had to connect with those wanting to donate or volunteer at the shelter. In addition, the site provided information about the Shelter’s thrift store, a major source of funding for the organization.

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Journal of Agriculture, Food and Analytical Bacteriology

Open Access Journal

Year: 2011

A group of research scientists at the University of Arkansas wanted to create their own peer-reviewed open access journal. In addition to distributing print copies of the journal, they wanted to make the issues and articles available online, free for everyone to access.

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James A. Nelson

Artist / Gallery Owner

Year: 2011

James A. Nelson is an artist and gallery owner who creates wall sculptures using wood and acrylics. He needed a website to showcase his extensive collection of work and to announce gallery events to the local art community.

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Patti Conklin

Alternative Wellness Practitioner

Year: 2012

Patti Conklin is a wellness practitioner, author and public speaker. She offers a variety of services and both physical and digital products for sale in her online store. In addition to meeting all of these needs, she wanted her website to be the hub for a network of wellness practitioners from different disciplines.

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War Eagle Mill

Online Retailer / Tourist Destination

Year: 2009

War Eagle Mill is a working historic grain mill complete with a waterwheel-powered millstone. They sell a variety of flours, grains, and mixes through their online store. The mill is also a popular tourist destination with a restaurant and gift shop. They needed their website to reach both of these audiences, and integrate with their e-commerce solution.

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Simple World Mentoring

Social Outreach Program

Year: 2010

Simple World Mentoring is a social outreach program that provides mentoring, tutoring and counselling to families in Northwest Arkansas. They needed a website to connect with families in need in the local community.

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Dan Borengasser

Author / Storyteller / Humorist

Year: 2008

Author Dan Borengasser needed a website to showcase his books and provide links to purchase them on He wanted the website to match the playful and whimsical style of his stories and their cover art.

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Personal Projects


Division is an extension for Elegant Themes’ flagship theme, Divi. Division adds numerous features to the popular theme that allow a wider spectrum of header and navigation styles, more control over featured images, super-powered sidebars, and more. Using the WordPress customizer, users can control site styles with simple options and preview the results instantly.

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Rootstrap is a mobile-first, content-first UI framework built on Less. The project began as part of Taproot, a custom WordPress theme that served as the basis for client projects at Taproot Studios. Rootstrap is a tool for front end developers to rapidly and concisely create responsive layouts and define content behavior with a minimum of input.

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Skills & Tools


“Sky’s templates and the Division child theme have made WordPress a lot more accessible and customizable than what we had before, and he’s been very helpful at responding to issues. I work with him on a regular basis, and I don’t know what we’d do without his expertise.”

Camilla Shumaker
Director of Communication
University of Arkansas, Engineering

“We’ve worked with Sky Shabatura extensively. He has been a strong technological ally in realizing our department’s goals. His efforts to streamline and standardize the use of WordPress on campus are invaluable to us. The framework that he built allows us to take advantage of the easy-to-use Divi theme.”

Christopher Spencer
Assistant Director for Marketing and Strategic Communications
University of Arkansas, Housing

“Sky is very concerned about the user experience for UARK WordPress sites, allowing me to focus on content creation and curation and not get bogged down in the technical issues of blog upkeep. Not only do the sites work flawlessly on mobile, but the layout and plug-ins only add to the great user experience Sky has created.”

Nichole A. Russell
Digital Media Specialist
University of Arkansas, Vice Provost for Student Affairs

“What’s a WordPress? Is that those giant letters that you can stick on your wall? My ex had those things, and it drove me nuts. Look, I’ll say whatever you want if you stop calling me. How did you say you got my number again?”

George Clooney
Famous Guy

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Have a WordPress project that needs a developer? I can turn your high quality design into a functional, easy to customize and manage website. I can build plugins to provide the custom functionality that your project needs. I also provide consultations on all aspects of using WordPress to meet your business’s goals.

Full Time

Need a full time WordPress developer on your team? I can create and manage a WordPress environment tailored to your needs. Whether a single site for your online business or a network of hundreds of sites that you build and manage for clients I can help you succeed!

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